GENERAL DONATIONS: We keep our dues low, therefore donations are necessary to keep things running. Except for the specific funds listed below, all Society functions are paid by the General Fund. This includes publication of Wheel Clicks, excursions, special events, meeting costs, insurance, postage, and other necessities. Donations to the General Fund enable us to accomplish much more than what membership dues alone would allow. The rising costs of programs and projects make donations to the General Fund vital to keeping the Society solvent.


NATIONAL FORUM FUND: To help keep Pacific Railroad Society’s 1956 Pullman Sleeper car, the National Forum, in operating condition and compatible with modern Amtrak trains.  The National Forum Fund (formally the Amtrak Compatibility Fund) has provided money for the addition of head end power and a ”40 year inspection" for the National Forum. 

MUSEUM FUND: This fund is devoted to operating, improving, and expanding our museum in the former Santa Fe depot building in San Dimas. Contributions to the Museum Fund have been used to paint the building, restore the ticket office, install a new tile roof, maintain the utilities and grounds, and provided materials and modern technology to archive and catalog an ever-expanding collection including important historic photography collections. 


Money can be donated to Pacific Railroad Society for investment in an investment or interest-bearing account. Depending on the desires of the donor, and the needs of the organization, the principal amount can remain intact while the earnings are used to fund ongoing operations.


Gifts of money, or an important railroad-related collection, can be left to Pacific Railroad Society in estate planning documents such Wills or Trusts. For more information on how to leave a gift or donation to Pacific Railroad Society, call us at 909-394-0616.


As a non-profit, Pacific Railroad Society always appreciates new and gently-used supplies and items for its projects and facilities. Donations are tax-deductible. Some items in our wish-list:


Does your organization or foundation distribute grants to worthy non-profits like Pacific Railroad Society? Let us know and we'll submit an application!

Donate your time and skills helping us run the organization and complete important projects. There's lots to choose from: restore train cars, give Museum tours, catalog collections, plan programs and excursions, stuff envelopes. Click here for info.