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Shasta Springs
Shasta Springs
This 48 seat coach was built with extra large picture windows for service on the Southern Pacific's new Shasta Daylight train inaugurated in 1949 for service between Oakland and Portland, Oregon. Originally, the Southern Pacific only identified this coach by its number, 2397. The car was named the Shasta Springs by the society.

The coach was acquired in a trade of the society's "extra" National series car, the National Embassy. When the Springs was received, it was in an Amtrak paint scheme.

When the Shasta Springs was leased to the operators of the 4449 steam special to the New Orleans World Fair in 1984, it was repainted into its original Daylight paint scheme.

After the 1984 World's Fair Excursion, the Shasta Springs has on display at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum. On occasion, when the 2419 is operated by the GGRM, the Shasta Springs has been used. The Shasta Springs will be moved down to Southern California so society workers can work on its restoration.

The Shasta Springs is currently stored at OERM

Shasta Springs
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