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Shadrach Bond
Shadrach Bond
Illinois officially became the 21st state on December 3rd, 1818. On this date, Shadrach Bond was elected to four years as governor.

In April of 1946, the future was looking bright for the Illinois Central (IC) after the end of World War II. The railroad was looking to replace the
heavyweights from the 1920’s and 1930’s that performed yeoman’s duty during the war. These cars were worn out and in need of repair. In
addition, the end of the war provided IC an opportunity to expand service for the travelling public.

These reasons provoked the railroad into purchasing the first post war order of cars for the IC. The IC ordered four cars:

Coach/Bar Lounge "Forest Park"
48 Seat Diner "Shadrach Bond"
Parlor Car Lounge "La Salle"
Parlor Observation "Fort Dearborn"

Construction jobs at Pullman Standard Shops in Chicago were backlogged. Every major United States railroad postponed replacement of
railroad passenger equipment due to World War II.  In April 1946, the Illinois Central Railroad ordered one 48 seat Dining car for service in the
GREEN DIAMOND. Not surprisingly, the car wasn't delivered until January of 1949 as lot 6799, plan 7585. The Green Diamond had already been
streamlined and the car was assigned to the Chicago-St.Louis Daylight. This train was the daytime running mate to the Green Diamond and was
competition to GM&O's Ann Rutledge, and Wabash’s Blue Bird.

The Daylight was very popular with businessmen who commuted between the two metropolises. Service on the new Daylight was highly rated and
the quality of food onboard was excellent. A wide variety of dishes was served in IC's dining cars from chicken, steak, and seafood that was
prepared fresh on board and offered the "Yankee" way or was available with a touch of Creole flavor. Dessert was superb on these trains. The IC
was noted for a variety of fresh-baked pies.

The Daylight was not to remain in the highlight of the IC for long. By 1964 the Daylight was reduced in size, the majority of the parlor car service
was cut, and food service reduced to a snack bar. At this time, the Shadrach Bond was removed from Daylight service.

The Shadrach Bond continued to serve the IC in general service for three more years until it was reconfigured into a 32 seat diner/8 seat lounge
for service on the Land O'Corn from 1967 to 1969. In 1969, the lounge chairs were removed and the dining room refurbished back to a 48-seat
configuration. The car saw only limited service from 1969 to 1971 and was forced to retire in January of 1971 due to safety violations in the
kitchen that was more grease than stainless steel. In April, 1971, Pacific Railroad Society purchased the car from the IC. It was shipped to Los
Angeles and was stored by the society pending restoration.

Over the years, Pacific Railroad Society has performed preservation maintenance and some restoration work on the Shadrach Bond. Recently,
significant progress to restore the Shadrach Bond to an operationally appearance has been accomplished. When the work is completed, the
Shadrach Bond will appear as it did during its operational lifetime.

The Shadrach Bond was donated to Monticello Railway Museum in 2015

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