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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
In November of 1946, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) ordered eighty-one 10 Roomette-6 Double Bedroom sleepers for the C&O and the Nickel Plate Railroad (NKP) built in lot 6864, plan 4167 for the C&O and plan 4167A for the NKP.  Of that order, only forty-three of the cars were delivered with seven cars delivered new to the Illinois Central Railroad (IC) for use in the City Of Miami and five cars delivered new to the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad.

The Nickel Plate Railroad received 13 cars of this order. The NKP cars were built using the P-S girder construction with distinctive stainless steel corrugations, or side skirts, which were also applied to the cars delivered to the C&O.  Unique to this car was the placement of the 6 bedrooms.  Most postwar, streamline 10-6 passenger cars place the six bedrooms at one end of the car or the other.  This car had the 6 bedrooms placed in the center of the car.  This design was developed and utilized extensively by the C&O and its subsidiary railroads. All of the cars delivered to the Nickel Plate Railroad carried City of names. The names used were in honor of cities located along the NKP right-of-way. One of the Nickel Plate cars was the City of Findlay (210).

During the late 1950's and early 1960's, the Nickel Plate Railroad petitioned federal and state agencies for discontinuance of most of its passenger service. By the mid-1960's, after the Nickel Plate had merged with the Norfolk and Western, and after successfully discontinuance, the City sleepers were deemed surplus. Because of the shared heritage with the Illinois Central Railroad cars, some of the City sleepers were sold to the Illinois Central in 1965 with the remainder sold to Canadian National in 1966. When the City of Findlay (210) was sold to the Illinois Central, it was renamed the Council Bluffs.

Immediately, the stainless steel corrugations were removed and the cars were painted in IC's orange and brown with gold striping and lettering. All lot 6864, plan 4167 and plan 4167A Illinois Central cars were retired and sold in 1970 and 1971.

This car was purchased by PRS in 1971. Since 1971, the Council Bluffs has made only a single excursion trip.

The Council Bluffs was donated to Monticello Railway Museum

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