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Cajon Pass
Cajon Pass
This Dorm/Lounge was one of a large order of diners and lounges placed by the Union Pacific for 1949 delivery.  These cars were to replace heavy weight cars on most of the principal trains system wide.  This car was originally assigned to the City of St. Louis until it was supplanted by a dome lounge in 1955.  After that time it operated regularly until February 1971.

The car was purchased from the Union Pacific in 1972.  In addition to the lounge section which seats 38, this car has a snack bar and three dormitory rooms which sleep a total of 14.  In 1968 this car was reassigned to the City of Kansas City (actually the City of St. Louis with a name change due to dropping the Kansas City-St. Louis segment).

A 1997 photograph of the lounge looking away from the bar shows the as built interior of the car. This interior is the indetical to the builder's photograph interior shown on page 460 of The Union Pacific Streamliners.

The Cajon Pass is currently in Fullerton on long term lease to Southern California Railway Plaza Association
Cajon Pass
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