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Baggage Car PAR 6697
Baggage Car PAR 6697
In 1959-1960, Southern Pacific Railroad received 100 streamlined baggage cars to replace its aging fleet of heavyweight baggage cars. The 6600 series of Southern Pacific baggage cars were spartan. Of the hundred baggage cars, 77 had few amenities that other baggage cars had, such as crew desk or toilets. The remaining 23 contained toilet, baggage, and mail areas. The toilet and mail sorting areas were located towards the center of the car and the mail storage areas were located at the ends of the car. These cars, known as TBMs or Star Baggages, were distinguishable by the addition of a five-pointed star above the car number on both sides of the car. All car interiors were painted sea foam green and had maroon varnished floors. The exteriors were painted dark gray with silver-gray lettering.

The cars had two doors on each side. One door was a one-piece door that was 6 feet wide and the other door was a two-piece door comprised of two 4-foot doors. The end doors were windowless and the cars measured 70 feet in length. Steel bars were attached to the interior of the car over the windows on the side doors.

In general, the 6600 cars were not utilized to carry passenger's baggage but were mainly utilized to carry the head-end traffic, such as mail and other express business. Head-end traffic helped make passenger trains in the 1960's a breakeven business venture.

The St. Louis Car Company built the 6600 baggage cars. Baggage cars numbered 6601-6650, lot 1810, were ordered in February 1959 and delivered from December 1959 to June 1960. Baggage cars numbered 6651-6700, lot 1815, were ordered in September 1959 and delivered July through December 1960.

Currently, Southern Pacific Baggage Car 6697 is used as the Pacific Railroad Society rolling stock workshop.

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