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MEMBERSHIP Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in railroads or rail transit. Members receive a copy of  Wheel Clicks each month, as well as advance notice of meetings, excursions, and other special activities. Member discounts are offered on excursions. Of course, dues also contribute to the costs of maintaining our fleet of historic railroad equipment, and to our efforts at historic preservation. Join today by credit card or paypal:

Membership Levels

Participating Member

April 1 to March 31

$45.00 Sustaining Member April 1 to March 31 $60.00 Corporate Member April 1 to March 31 $110.00 Life Membership (Individual)  $500.00 Pro-Rated Regular  Membership Nov. 1 to Mar. 31  $22.50

Memberships accepted in February through March will be applied to the next fiscal year (April 1 - March 31). Please consider making a donation to one or more of Pacific Railroad Society's Trust Funds .  All donations are tax-deductable to the maximum extent allowed by law.  Consult your tax adviser.  Pacific Railroad Society, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Pacific Railroad Society, Inc., Funds for Dedicated Uses Amtrak Compatibility Fund Chard Walker Descanso Fund Pacific Railroad Museum Fund Rolling Stock Fund General Purpose Donation

We have a number of dedicated funds. Each year, at dues renewal time, we have reminded you of their existence in case you may be able, in addition to paying your dues, to make a donation for a specific purpose alone. Here are descriptions of the dedicated trust funds. ROLLING STOCK REPAIR FUND - This fund is used for restoration, maintenance and preservation of our rolling stock. The fund is used for major repairs, as well as day-to-day maintenance. Uses include the purchase of paint, materials, tools, special contract services, and anything else needed. Currently, numerous projects are in progress on the lounge car Cajon Pass, diner Shadrach Bond, locomotive 7199, as well as the National Forum. Concentration right now is on our Santa Fe Hi level coach with stairs to transition between high level and conventional cars, and converted by Amtrak to a coach-dorm. AMTRAK COMPATIBILITY FUND - To run our rolling stock on Amtrak trains, highly expensive technical modifications must be made to them. This fund provides for these modifications. The Amtrak Compatibility Fund has provided money for the addition of head end power and "40 year inspection" for the National Forum. Our next major project will be windows and holding tanks for our Hi-level coach. In the future, this fund will continue to be used for any new requirements imposed by Amtrak and to prepare other cars for operation on Amtrak trains. PACIFIC RAILROAD MUSEUM - This fund is devoted to operating, improving, and expanding our museum. Currently, we operate a museum and library in the former Santa Fe depot buiiding in San Dimas. Contributions to the Museum fund have been used to paint the building, restore the ticket office, install a new tile roof, maintain the utilities and grounds, and more recently provided materials and modern technology to archive and catalog the ever-expanding collection including important historic photography collections. CHARD WALKER MEMORIAL FUND - For the preservation of the Descanso-Formerly known as the Leroy "Doc" Donat Fund, the name has been changed to honor Chard Walker at the request of Doc Donat's family. The purpose of this fund is to preserve and to restore the Los Angeles Railway Funeral streetcar, Descanso. In the early 1990's, donations were used for a major cosmetic conversion of the car from its one-time use as a clubhouse at Summit back to its 1909 funeral car configuration. Future uses of the fund may include purchase of traction motors and mechanical repair for powered operation. GENERAL FUND - Donations to the General fund are absolutely necessary to keep the society solvent as our present dues would not be sufficient to cover all of the rising costs of continuing our programs and projects in today's world. This is the basic operating fund for the organization. Except for the specific trust funds listed above, all functions are financed from the General Fund. This includes publication of Wheel Clicks, excursions, special events, rent for meeting locations, insurance, postage, and dozens of miscellaneous other functions. Donations to the General Fund have enabled PRS to accomplish much more than what simple reliance on membership dues would have allowed.  REMEMBER: All donations to PRS are deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a receipt documenting your donation from the Donation Committee. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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